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HR Management

Why trust just any human resource management company with your organization?

You need someone who specializes in human resources and knows how to not only...

"talk the talk, but walk the walk."

2Sense Solutions provides a scalable, completely customizable, and flexible approach to managing your organization’s human resource needs. This is ideal for organizations of almost any size.

We do this through offering the following:

  • Recruitment, hiring and on-boarding

  • Benefits administration, communications, open enrollment and broker relations

  • Employee relations

  • Performance management

  • Employee communications

  • HR strategic planning and implementation

  • Compliance with federal and state employment laws

  • Policies and procedures

Some examples of both short term and long term projects include:


  • A six-month, full-time recruitment assignment which involved hiring all employees for a new manufacturing plant

  • An ongoing, annually renewed contract providing all HR services for a hotel - hiring, employee relations, benefits, etc.

  • Two months of part-time HR Management support during a search for a new HR Director at a non-profit organization

  • A three-year HR Generalist role for an accounting group

  • Four weeks of part-time HR administrative assistance to review and organize a client’s applicant materials for a federal audit

  • A 12-week recruiting assignment to assist a marketing group with recruiting, interviewing and reference checking

Through these projects, 2Sense Solutions can assist your organization with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Affirmative Action Development

  • HR and benefits audits

  • Job descriptions and FLSA testing

  • Recruitment and interviewing strategies

  • HR department set-up

  • Employee handbooks and policies

  • Training and Professional Development

  • Merger and acquisition support



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