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The bottom line is a good resume, is not good enough...

2Sense Solutions understands what it takes to get noticed and get the job of your dreams.  That starts with a well written resume or CV.  

Do you know what it takes to stand out among a sea of applicants?

Does your resume or CV really represent you and who you are as a professional?

Is it formatted to make someone really say "wow"?

Is your resume or CV too long, too short, too wordy, too vague?

What do employers and recruiters look for in a resume or CV to qualify a job seeker for a job?

2Sense Solutions is so much more than just finding job seekers positions, we are resume "gurus".  Founder and CEO, Christina Maley Higley is a proud Business Communication professor at numerous universities and colleges who has the experience and education necessary to teach others what makes for not just a good, but a great resume or CV. Having helped hundreds of job seekers create, enhance, and polish their resumes or CVs, 2Sense Solutions helps job seekers get the attention they deserve.

With affordable resume help and coaching packages, Christina and her team can help any professional in the industry stand out among the crowd.  

2Sense Solutions allows professionals to worry about what they do best , while we do the rest! 

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